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       If you have purchased some new equipment or components to install, give us a call.   Memory, disk drives,  cable/ dsl/ dialup modems, network cards, wireless adapters, mouse, keyboard, printers, scanners, faxes, all-in-one, hubs, routers.    No matter what you have, there is a good chance we have done it before in the last 20 years.   If you want to upgrade your existing machine, in most cases we can do that too!


       Are you looking to purchase a new computer, laptop or accessory?  We can help you make a good selection appropriate for your desired use.   We will help you sift through all the technical terminology and get the most bang for your buck.   We are manufacturer independent, so the recommendation you get will be based solely on years of experience.


      Home or business?  Wired or wireless?  Cable, DSL, T1, E1?  We speak the language.  Interfacing computers with dissimilar devices takes broad based experience.   We have built and entire facility based ISP,  networked call centers for telephone companies, and hooked up family computers to the cable network.  No job too big or too small.


      Failed or failing equipment due to age, power spikes, or heat stress is common.   Over time, on/off cycles, and exposure to temperature and power extremes will eventually lead to a component failure.   Finding them and fixing them quickly is a skill to keep your costs and downtime low.   Most personal computers and laptops are modular systems that can be repaired relatively easy and not warrant total system replacement.